A Celebration of Achievement

A Celebration of Achievement

Over 70 people gathered on Friday, June 11 to celebrate and recognize the achievement of four Wizard’s Wardrobe students marking their completion of the program. Ariana Wright and Demetris McDuffie from Giffen Memorial Elementary School; Mikayla Scott from ACCS; and Sevon Santiago from Brighter Choice were honored during an Ice Cream Social enjoyed by all. The ice cream for the event was provided by Stewart’s.

The evening was hosted by Program Director Debra Fagans who welcomed everyone and congratulated the young students and their families for their hard work.

City School District of Albany Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams sent a video message congratulating the students on their commitment and dedication for attending tutoring sessions every week, She also thanked the district’s “community partner,” the Wizard’s Wardrobe.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan attended the event and congratulated the young people saying, “This program grew out of a passion and a belief that when you provide young people with an opportunity to see what they are capable of and to explore new things in a place that is safe, in a place where there are caring adults who are there with them on that journey, you can transform lives. You can do amazing things.”

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