Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad

Image: Quilt made by students at Wizard’s Wardrobe about the Underground Railroad.

Once upon a time there were two slaves- Joona and Woopa. They were brother and sister. They were inside workers. They spilled apple cider next to their master. They got whipped on their back and they cried. They got kicked out of the house. They worked outside. They need to pick cotton now.

They were sad. But Rainbow is the master’s child. She is sad to whip people. She wanted to be BFFs (best friends forever) with Joona and Woopa. Rainbow went outside to see them. She told then to come inside.

She said, “Do you want to be BFFs?”

“Yes!” They said, jumping up and down.

“I know where the underground railroad is,” said Rainbow. “It is a group of people who help Black people who are slaves to escape to freedom,” she said.

They went to the underground railroad. They found three boxes. One got in the first box. One got in the second box. One got in the third box. They mailed themselves to New York. They made it! They had a nice life together.

The End.


Second Grade

Wizard’s Wardrobe Young Author

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