Our Mission



Mission: Every child will read with confidence and competence, to become lifelong learners.

Our Vision: Every child  loves and values learning, reads with confidence and competence so they can succeed and be all they aspire to be.

Our Values: 

* Reading is Essential  *Every Child Has Worth  *Strong Relationships Built on One-to-One Tutoring *Commitment to Creative Learning 

What We Do: 

We provide an after school, one to one, free, tutoring program for elementary school students in Albany’s South End to support and supplement classroom learning, foster creativity and enhance literacy.

We create a literacy-rich environment where tutors share one-on-one time with a child to master the skills of reading and writing, and problem-solving.  Our trained tutors welcome students into a safe space, with an imaginative theme. They build  strong, supportive relationships while sharing a love of reading. Through a variety of creative learning activities they practice reading, writing and problem-solving skills.